Leadership team

Our leadership team is made up of people who are passionate about retail. Collectively we have well over 130 years of experience between us, working on both the analysis side and for retailers. We’re also quite a friendly bunch, so always feel free to get in touch!



Neil Saunders
Email: neil@conlumino.com
Twitter: @neilretail

Neil is Managing Director of Conlumino. Previously Consulting Director at Verdict and before that working for the John Lewis Partnership, Neil has a wealth of experience in retail, business strategy and consumer research and heads up most consulting projects for clients. Neil is frequently found in the media giving his views on all manner of retail matters. In his spare time he likes cycling round the Wiltshire countryside (but only if it’s dry!).


Anusha Couttigane
Email: anusha@conlumino.com
Twitter: @Nush_Couttigane

Anusha is a Fashion Consultant at Conlumino where she is primarily responsible for fashion consulting and analysis. Anusha’s background includes plenty of fashion experience: a degree in History, English and Fashion Media from Oxford, helping to organise and direct Oxford Fashion Week, and as a features editor for MyChicCity.com. Of course, in her spare time Anusha enjoys, among other things, researching (also known as shopping for) all the latest clothes, footwear and accessories.


Sarah Hutchinson
Email: sarah@conlumino.com

Sarah is Account Director for Conlumino. In this role she looks after major clients, keeping them up-to-date about our latest research and products as well as gathering their feedback to shape new services. Sarah has plenty of experience in account management and ensures that good service is given at all times. In her spare time Sarah can occasionally be found selling ice cream made from goat’s milk on London’s Borough Market – which she says is delicious and healthy!


Stephen Ward
Email: stephen@conlumino.com

Stephen is a Senior Account Manager at Conlumino where he looks after major retail clients in both the UK and US. As well as ensuring that clients are well served by our general research, Stephen also advises retailers undertaking international expansion of the services we offer to support them. Stephen has a background in Account Management, having previously worked at Touch Group as well as Canadean. In his spare time Stephen participates in the often incompatible sports of rugby and rowing.


Håkon Helgesen
Email: haakon@conlumino.com

Håkon is a retail analyst at Conlumino. In this role he mostly covers the Scandinavian retail markets, including his native Norway, where he analyses a number of markets including food. He also covers a range of more general retail topics, including technology and economic matters. Håkon has a degree in economics and business from the Universitetet i Oslo. In his spare time, and in a typical Norwegian outdoor fashion, Håkon enjoys rock climbing, sailing and skiing.





Matt Piner
Email: matt@conlumino.com
Twitter: @matt_piner

Matt is Research Director at Conlumino. With extensive experience at both Verdict and Mothercare, Matt is knowledgeable about all aspects of retailing including the challenges of e- and m-commerce. Within Conlumino he heads up a number of research areas, including insight into the home related retail markets. He also works with clients on a consultancy basis. Matt devotes a lot of his spare time to undertaking DIY tasks in his new home!


Joseph Robinson
Email: joseph@conlumino.com
Twitter: @conlumino_joe

Joseph is a Lead Consultant at Conlumino. Formerly of Mothercare and Verdict, he now works on a number of syndicated research projects as well as contributing to consultancy work. Joseph is also Conlumino’s go to person for FMCG and consumer goods related matters, knowledge he gained from a former role at Datamonitor’s Consumer division. No one is exactly sure what Joseph does in his spare time, although he is occasionally seen running home from the office.


Jeremy Pearce
Email: jeremy@conlumino.com

Jeremy is Account Director for Conlumino. In this role he looks after a number of major clients ensuring that their needs are fully met by our research and gathering their feedback to help shape future products. Having worked at Verdict for 7 years, Jeremy is well known to most clients and prides himself on giving excellent service. Jeremy has the special responsibility of furnishing the team with coffee, and on his weekends off likes to return to his native Cornwall for surfing and pasty eating.


George Scott
Email: george@conlumino.com

George is a Consultant at Conlumino. Formerly an Analyst at Allegra Strategies, he has experience of writing state-of-sector reports and carrying out bespoke research engagements for a number of leading restaurant and coffee shop brands.  He also has commercial due diligence project experience. George has entrepreneurial qualities, having set up and being a Director of a niche bakery business. In his spare time, he’s a South-East Asia enthusiast, an avid sports fan and part-time Aston Villa ‘spectator’.


Liz Faulkner
Email: liz@conlumino.com

Liz is a Consultant at Conlumino, where she enjoys a particular focus on the home retail sector. Here, Liz draws an extra perspective from her time working on media strategies for electricals specialist, Dixons Retail. Previous to that, Liz studied at Durham University, where she wrote her dissertation entitled ‘Preemption, prevention and the war in Iraq’. Originally hailing from the countryside, outside of work Liz loves making the most of all that London has to offer.


Greg Bromley
Email: greg@conlumino.com

Greg is a Consultant at Conlumino where he focuses on a number of areas including home, food and multichannel. Having recently graduated with a degree in Geography from the University of Leeds, Greg has a solid knowledge of GIS in retail. Even though working at Conlumino is his first full time job after graduating, Greg comes armed with extensive work experience from interning at companies including Javelin, Sainsbury’s and Planet Retail.