In today’s fast paced world just keeping abreast of the day-to-day happenings in retail can be a struggle. That’s where our news and views services comes in. Packed full of information and analysis, it helps to inform you about the latest developments in the world of retail in a timely manner.

We offer three specific services:

Retail Roundup

The Daily Retail Roundup provides a daily summary of all the UK retail news stories covered in the national and regional press; delivered direct to your inbox by 7.30am, 363 days of the year.

Key features

  • A précis of every single retail news story covered in the UK national press and across selected regional newspapers.
  • Summaries of major economic and consumer related news stories.
  • Delivered direct to your inbox by 7.30am, every day of the week, 363 days of the year.
  • Links to the online versions of stories provided for both the Times and FT as standard; links to other newspapers available as an optional extra.


Retail Viewpoint

Our Viewpoints provide a regular feed of comment and views on retailer results, economic news and other breaking retail stories as and when they happen.

Key features

  • Delivers a summary of retailer results and trading updates as and when they happen.
  • Provides expert analyst views on the results to help you put things in context.
  • Covers trading results and updates from all major retailers across all sectors.
  • Also provides a timely analysis of the latest economic data and retail sales information.
  • Delivered direct to your inbox.

Retail Illuminated

Illuminated is our monthly retail newsletter providing insight and exploring strategic issues, international news, the health of the retail sector and lots more; all delivered in a colourful and easy to read format.

Key features

  • Provides a monthly health check of the retail sector with analysis of the key drivers of retail performance.
  • Concise summary of international news with a deeper analysis of key international retail trends.
  • Examines hot retail topics and assesses their impact on the sector and companies.
  • Analysis of the month’s retail winners and losers.
  • Friendly, easy to digest newsletter format.



To arrange a free trial of any of our news services, or for more information on the products, options and prices please contact our account management team at or on 020 7936 6663 / 020 7936 6654. Alternatively please use our sign up form to request a free trial.