Favourite Christmas adverts

John Lewis’ ‘Snowman’s Journey’ advert has topped Conlumino’s 2012 poll of consumer’s favourite Christmas advertising.

In a nationally representative survey, well over a quarter of consumers said it was their favourite advert of the festive season, giving John Lewis a significant lead over the advertising from rival retailers. Marks & Spencer’s ‘Greatest Hits this Christmas’ advert came in second while Argos’ quirky ‘Aliens at Christmas’ feature was third.

That the John Lewis advert was subtle rather than a blatant push of products and the brand has clearly struck a chord with many consumers. In Conlumino’s survey, 78.5% of consumers agreed that Christmas has become too commercial and 55.6% agreed that it was a shame the real meaning of Christmas was being lost.

Commenting on the results Joseph Robinson, Senior Consultant at Conlumino, said: “In addition to its strong emotional pull, the John Lewis advert has real resonance: at a time of austerity a lot of people are focusing on the real meaning of Christmas, which means things like love, family, and finding meaningful gifts are all messages consumers buy into.”

Marks & Spencer’s advert was praised for its upbeat approach and for the selection of music which consumers from across the generations were able to enjoy. Argos’ advert was praised for being different and unconventional and is something that raised a smile.

Iceland, which came in fourth, attained its position largely because of its use of the ‘Pure Imagination’ track from the 1971 movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which helped evoke childhood memories for many consumers.


Conlumino interviewed a nationally representative sample of 2,063 UK consumers on 27, 28 and 29 of November 2012.

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